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SafetyCaps Home
 Illinois Department of Health - IL
  WW Grainger - MI
  Quinnipiac University - CT
  Energy Federation - MA
  St Louis County Health Dept -MO
  Monroe Area Safe Kids - WI
  Safe Kids East Central - GA
 Northwestern Medical Center -VT
 Altru Health Systems - ND
 Hudson Safety Products - NC
 District Alliance for Safe Housing - DC
 duPont Childrens Hospital - DE
 Safe Kids Central Wyoming - WY
 Safe Kids Campbell County - WY
 Safe Kids Fayette County - KY
 Safe Kids Loess Hills - IA
 Alamance County Health Department - NC
 Driscoll Children's Hospital - TX
 Safe Kids Peninsula - AK
 Safe Kids Adirondack - NY

 Safe Kids Lowcountry - SC 

 Bassette Health Care - NY
 Sheraton Burlington - VT
 Nassua County Safe Kids - NY
 Ritz-Carlton Orlando - FL
 Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove - FL
 Ritz-Carlton Chicago - IL
 Ritz-Carlton  Amelia Island - FL
 Marion County Health Department - MO
 Boston Public Health Commission - MA
 Four Seasons San Francisco - CA
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         or in no-way suggests they recommend SafetyCaps.

         We are thanking them for purchasing!

The List Grows...Keeping Watching...and We Thank You!
 Dartmouth Resource Health Center - NH
 Energy Federation - MA
 Albermarle Regional Health Services - NC
 Tyler Place - VT
 Children's Hospital Orange County - CA
 Safe Kids Grand Forks - ND
 Safe Kids Lakeshore - MI
 Kid-Proteq - PA
 Community Emergency Response Team - VT
 Ottawa County Health Department- MI
 Safe Kids Spartanburg - SC
 Northwest Counseling & Support Services - VT
 Child Care & Resource Referral - IO
 Neighborhood Health Providers - NY
 Safe Kids Pennsylvania - PA


 Safe Beginnings - MA
 Safe Kids Johnson County - KS
 Medline - IL
 Head Start Athens - GA
 Safe Kids Colorado Springs - CO


 Safe Kids Chelon-Douglas - WA
 Safe Kids Anderson County - NC
 Safer Kids and Homes- FL
 Children's Hospital Boston - MA
 Safe Kids Alabama - AL
 Brigham's & Women's Hospital - MA
 Rutland Department of Health - VT
 Precius Baby Protectors - TX
 Clinton County Health Department - NY
 Safe Kids Las Vegas - NV
 Safe Kids Chicago - IL
 Safe Kids Tulsa - OK
 Upson Regional Medical Center - GA



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