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Bolt to the wall bookshelves and other free-standing cabinets.
See how well your State ranks for Child Safety Issues.
Watch out for decorative cutouts on the head board & foot board of crib.
The key here is for the safety plug to blend in and not attract attention.
Highest rate of sex offenders:     Alaska (1 for every 143 residents)
Which should your baby never use?   play pen, jumpers, walker, exersaucers?
Put aside one weekend to secure your house, room by room, to make it safe.
Helps you understand pregnancy & fetal development taking place week by week.
 When you're at a restaurant, ask your kids to point out the nearest exits.
Outlet covers help prevent your child from getting electrocuted, but small
                             plastic plug-in models can pose a deadly choking hazard.
 Make sure no toy or object can fit inside a film canister to choke for choking hazard.
                                  Move any toxic plants to another room or out of reach.
At what age should they start to learn and how should you go about it.
Find the perfect baby name and see what they mean in history.
Several international BabyCenter readers shared their experiences with us.
From favors to themes, this site covers it all (including coed baby showers).
Great games listed by type.  Lots of Fun.  Includes gift-opening games.
Behaving in public place often means sitting still and keeping quiet. Be realistic.
If object swallowed is sharp or metal take her to doctors even if she seems fine.
If the object swallowed is sharp or metal take her to doctors even if she seems fine!!
You don't want to be in the position of saving our child's life, but it could happen!!!
 Accidents don’t happen every day but accidents do happen. Be prepared!!!
 Report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
 Dispose of plastic bags safely by tying each in a knot before throwing it in the trash.
 The highest-tech gadgets can never replace old-fashioned supervision.
 Kids accidentally lean on the switch and the car window can close on them.
 Take a waterproof watch deep enough and water will eventually destroy the watch.
 Make sure he or she is not sharing toys with a sick child and can pass on germs.
Toddler proofing the laptop was easy we had to be more creative for desktops.
 If you choose to use them, be sure they're removed before your child can move or roll.
 Keep stairs free of obstacles. Don't store items on stairs. Close open-backed stairs.
 It is safe to use a car seat you had for a previous baby as long as it has not expired.
 The baby was a very light sleeper and was crying a lots....This helped!
 Always run the cold-water faucet first, then adjust the temperature with hot water.
 Over 700 years old and 99% accurate...and fun as Heck!
 Don't run electrical cords under rugs. Walking on cords can fray or damage them.
 The answer depends... From machine being used, to person reading it.
 Spider Plants, Snake Plants & Wondering Jew are just a few.  See for yourself.
 Great fun and works well as baby shower game but not a s much fun as 'true or dare'.
 Don't leave candles near air vents, open windows, or ceiling fans.
 Trusted and true ways to determine sex of child.  Well, sort of... You decide!
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